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About Us

Taylor Made Ambulance can trace its history back longer than any other manufacturer currently operating. Originating as Campbell Station Cabinet Shop, Harry Gamble began building cabinets for Cotner Bevington in 1958, which was later purchased by Wayne, Inc. Wayne, Inc was the largest ambulance manufacturer until they shut down their ambulance division in 1980.

The company had good growth during the 70s. During this time, Mr. Gamble's son-in-law, Joe Taylor, Sr. joined the company and took over running the operation upon Mr. Gamble's retirement.

The 80s were tough times with Wayne closing, but were still a period of expansion as several manufacturers, both new and established, sought out our expertise. Bridgers Coaches was one such business, established by Tom Bridger in 1983. Bridgers subcontracted the interior installation of their ambulances to our company. In 1986, Mr. Bridger asked Joe Taylor to buy half of his company and to take over production management. Joe Taylor, Jr. also started at this time as sales manager.

We have not stopped growing since!!

In 1987, we purchased a Ford Dealership for better chassis access and to help service our customers better. In 1988, Mr. Bridger asked Mr. Taylor to buy out the remainder of the company, and Taylor Made Ambulance was born.

Growth continued through the 90s and today finds Taylor Made as one of the ten largest ambulance builders in the country. Our company is firmly established as having a product line which places emphasis on customizing each unit we build to our customer's specific needs. We offer several options unique to our company which results in a safer, stronger, and more durable vehicle